10 Activities to Do to Beat Homeschool Burnout

It happens to the best of homeschooling families. Some days, everyone gets tired of homeschooling. It’s not anything you did, or the kids did, it just gets old. When the homeschool burnout kicks in, here are ten activities to do!

homeschool burnout

Beat Homeschool Burnout with these fun activities!

Have a movie day. – You can even make the movie day all about learning. There are so many movies out there that your kids can learn from.

Take it a field trip. – When you and the kids cannot look at another worksheet, it’s time to take a field trip.

Head to your backyard. – We get so caught up in life that sometimes we miss out on an excellent learning opportunity in our yard.

Whip out some fun science experiments. – The Internet is crawling with ideas for at home science experiments. This is such a perfect way to combat homeschool boredom.

Head to the beach, pond, or lake. – If it’s summer where you are, it’s time to take the learning outside. Let your kids get excited in the sand and water. Kids need days outside, so it’s time to deliver.

Do a fun day out with the kids. – Sometimes you need a day away from it all. Take the kids to an arcade or let them build their fun day!

Let the kids decide what they want to learn. – More and more homeschooling families are allowing their kids to determine what they will learn. Might sound crazy, but if it keeps the homeschool boredom at bay, then it’s worth it.

Allow the kids to build something. – Yes, when your kids are bored with homeschooling, it’s time to let them get to work making something. It would be wonderful if they could build with real lumber, hammer, and nails.

Create an obstacle course. – Maybe your kids are bored, but you still want them doing something. Help them create an obstacle course. They will have fun for hours, trust me.

It’s time to learn a little coding. – In all seriousness, if your kids are old enough and aren’t feeling challenged, get them involved in something like coding. Technology is the future, so what better time to prepare?

There you have it, 10 activities to do when homeschool burnout kicks in.

You can stop homeschooling for the day and pick up any of these activities. Which one would you do first?

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