7 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Holiday Homeschool

Bring Nature into Your Holiday Homeschool

The winter months can leave homeschoolers cooped up indoors. But the good news is, there are simple ways to bring nature into your homeschool even during the cold holiday months. Look below at these creative ways to bring nature into your holiday homeschool, and see how much fun it can be to bring nature IN, even during the coldest of seasons. Here are a few practical ideas to get you started.

7 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Holiday Homeschool

1. Try your hand at pine brush painting.
Find and clip some fragrant pine tree branches from your yard. Use these as brushes to create colorful paintings. Just dip the pine branches and their needles into the paint, and see what sort of patterns and images you can create. The feeling and the scent of the pine branches make this a wonderful sensory experience.

2. Do a pine cone study unit.
Pine cones are amazing specimens of nature. Take the time to study the life cycle of pine cones and learn the various types of pine cones. You can also add them to sensory bins, or use them to make your own winter bird feeders. Pine cones can be implemented into craft projects in many ways!

3. Fill your sensory bins with winter nature specimens.
The winter provides us with all sorts of natural materials perfect for sensory bin exploration. Try adding snow, pine needles, pine cones, twigs, crunchy leaves, and other items you find outdoors. Kids will love looking at these items with magnifying glasses and exploring them with their hands. Since these items can be cold or prickly to the touch, you can always include winter gloves as part of the experience.

4. Experiment with snow.
Let it snow! There are all sorts of ways to experiment with snow. See if you can bring some in and discover the temperature it melts at. Or, take magnifying glasses and see if you can discover what a single snowflake looks like. Do you have a kiddo who loves eating snow? Melt some snow in a dish and take a closer look at the debris that hides in it.

5. Discover how animals survive in the winter months.
Peek from your windows and see if you can find evidence of animals preparing for/surviving winter. Look for animal tracks in the snow, nests, and animals searching for food. Learn which animals hibernate and which ones rough it out. You can help animals by making your own homemade suet cakes or DIY bird feeders. Kids will love this simple activity, and the animals will appreciate it too.

6. Create a natural centerpiece.
Give your senses something to enjoy. Arrange a centerpiece for your homeschool classroom using all materials found in nature. This can be twigs, pine branches, dried bittersweet, berries, and anything else you can find. Not only will this arrangement smell great, but you can use it as a team-building activity and even for writing inspiration later.

7. Make your own animal tracks.
Fill a bin with snow and use plastic animals to make your own animal tracks in it. Compare these with the animal tracks you see outside. Children may even want to put a foot in and make an animal track of their own.

Nature Study Ideas that Don’t Involve Going Outside

Are you feeling inspired yet? Consider these 7 ways to bring nature into your holiday homeschool, and see how easy it can be to explore the great outdoors even when the weather is less than cooperative! 

These ideas are not just fun, but easy and budget-friendly too. So when the cold winter months hit don’t panic. Instead, invite nature into your holiday homeschool! 

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