5 Ways to Grow in Faith

One aspect of walking the spiritual road is learning how to grow in faith. Attending church, fellowshipping with other families, and worshipping God are a few ways to keep our faith secure, but there are other things we can do as well. One of those is to use bible study resources and journals to help hold us accountable in the faith department. Some of my best learning moments happen when I’m doing a bible on a particular topic and/or journaling about it.

In this post, we’re going to look at 5 ways to grow in faith. I also have a free resource for you as well.

Five ways to grow in faith.

5 Ways to Grow in Faith

Find a good resource.

As I briefly mentioned before, there are a number of resources you can get to help you learn more about the bible and guide you in understanding God’s principles. Take a trip to any local Christian bookstore and you’ll see all types of bible translations, study guides, journals, and other tools. I personally think owning a few different translations, a concordance (or two), and a bible dictionary are great resources to keep on hand.

There are also resources written by well-known people that most churches use to lead large and small-group Bible studies. Most of these can be completed alone.

Set aside time to pray.

Without a doubt, prayer is a major part of growing in faith. It’s one of the primary ways we can talk to (and hear from) God. Prayer doesn’t have to be systematic or done a certain way. It’s more about the intent of the heart of the person praying. In this post, I shared several ways for teaching your kids about prayer.

In a nutshell, when you know what prayer is, you can’t go wrong with doing it whenever you feel lead to.

Set a day and time for bible study.

This is a big step, especially if you plan on including your kids (or the entire family). Having a set bible study time will not only hold you accountable for doing it, but it will also help cultivate your kids’ relationship with God. Leading them in a bible study will show them how to read the Bible, interpret it, and build a desire for continuing what you’ve started.

Many kids who grew up being exposed to family-time bible studies often do the same thing with their family.


In order to grow in your faith, there must be time for reflection. There are parts of scripture that are more difficult to understand than others and oftentimes take a bit of meditation and reflection. Instead of being in a hurry to get through certain verses, chapters, and books of the bible – spend as much time as needed on any given part. You may gain new insight and/or understanding from a previous time you’ve read or studied something.

That’s another perk of reading the bible often.

Put what you’ve learned into action.

Last but not least, growing in faith involves walking out what you’re reading and learning. It not only deepens your faith but also draws you closer to God. You become somewhat of a walking testimony for others (especially your children) to see and imitate.

Free Resource to Help You Grow in Faith

To help you and your children grow in faith, I created a Growing in Faith Journal. It has 31 scriptures, one to be read each day. It is accompanied by a Scripture Study Sheet to help you and your kids document and keep track of:

  • the date
  • prayer requests
  • gratitude
  • daily scripture
  • applications
  • observations

Simply print the journal out and choose a month to get started! It’s also a study that can be done over and over again!

Final Thoughts

As you set on the journey to grow in faith, keep the suggestions mentioned above in mind. Of course, you can tweak them as needed per your personal preference. And don’t forget to download your free copy of the Growing in Faith Journal!

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