16 Wonderful Venison Recipes to Fill Your Tummy

White-tail Deer Hunting season is upon us. Hunting is a means for feeding our family, it is one way that we can cut down on the cost of meat. Hubby is an avid hunter and has filled our freezer with tasty venison for many years. We still have a few pounds of venison from last year in the freezer. I pray that Hubby and the boys will be able to bless our freezer again this season.

One of our favorite venison recipes is a garlic and parmesan coated, crispy pan-fried goodness that I just usually throw together. First, I take the tenderizing mallet to several chunks of venison to flatten them out as thin as possible. Then, I toss together a cup of flour, a bit of garlic powder, a dash or two of black pepper, and about a half a cup of parmesan on a tray. I dredge the venison pieces through an egg wash and then give it a generous coating of the flour mixture. Then into a skillet with plenty of hot oil to fry it up. Oh so good!!

As good as that venison recipe is, I am always on the lookout for new tasty recipes to try.

Venison Recipes

Here are 16 new recipes that look wonderful and will be added to our recipe box for meal planning this winter.

1. Venison Stew

2. Venison Barley Stew

3. Venison Lasagna

4. Redd’s Texas Chili

5. Blue Cheese Mushroom Venison Burgers

6. Venison Tenderloin

7. Deer Meat Jerky

8. Beef Sausage Venison Meatballs

9. Venison Salisbury Steak

10. Buffalo Venison Tacos

11. Cheesy Taco Casserole

12. Smoky Venison Stew

13. Venison Kabobs

14. Venison Bourguignon

15. Venison Sausage Tortellini

16. Venison Burgers

Do you have any favorite venison recipes? Share them in the comments below, please!

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