15 Winter Field Trips Ideas

During the winter months, it can be tempting to just stay inside all day and soak up the heat! However, cabin fever is a very real thing in the winter and taking a field trip can be a fun way to get out of the house! Here are 15 winter field trip ideas that are perfect for homeschool families!

winter field trip ideas

Winter Field Trip Ideas


The best part about the aquarium? Your kids can study marine life while also being indoors!

Ice skating rink

If you are teaching your children about different kinds of weather, the ice skating rink is a great place to learn about ice!

Movie theatre

There are always educational movies that are out no matter what month you’re going, but if you can find a movie based on a book you are reading, then you’ve hit the jackpot!


Daylight hours are limited during the winter months, which is the perfect chance to head to the planetarium!

Take a virtual field trip

You can visit museums that are thousands of miles away online and more all from the comfort of home! This is perfect for snow days, or days when it’s too cold to go somewhere.

Nature center

Many nature centers are going to be indoors, even if they have outdoor elements.

Art gallery

Study art by visiting a nearby art gallery or museum.


If you are looking for a history or science themed field trip, visiting a local museum is a great way for your kids to explore the topics they’re learning about.

Go for a nature walk

If you dress appropriately, going for a nature walk can be a fun field trip to take with your family! Find a great trail and go for a nature walk or hike.

Visit a farm or greenhouse

Winter farming is still a thing! Take advantage of the opportunity to give your kids a unique experience by taking them to a local greenhouse or farm during the winter.

Take advantage of some vacation time

If you are already thinking about taking a vacation, take advantage of your destination to get in some learning fun! Disney has a variety of educational rides, and even a water park can still be educational!

Go to the theatre, symphony, or opera

All of these places are a great way to expose your child to art and theatre! These are great ways to incorporate extracurriculars into your homeschool classroom!

Head to the library

The library always has educational activities and even classes or workshops going on during the winter months.

Visit a Christmas tree farm

This is a great way to incorporate Christmas into your homeschool lesson plans!

Visit a cave or cavern

Many caves or caverns tend to be a bit chilly all year. This means that it will probably be about the same temperature even during the winter months.

Winter Field Trip Ideas Free Printable

I created a free printable of all the winter field trip ideas. You can use it as a checklist in your homeschool planner or as a winter homeschool bucket list.

You don’t have to go far to find a great field trip option during the winter months! All of these ideas are great excuses to leave the house for awhile and learn while on the go!

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