Homeschooling & Moving – Is it Possible?

Moving is hard. There is so much that has to be done around the house to ensure that the process moves along smoothly. So many ways that disaster can happen when you pack up all of your belongings and move them to another home, especially a home in another state.

Homeschooling can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, as well.

homeschooling and moving


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Why in the world would you do both, homeschooling and moving, at the same time? Is it even possible?

As a homeschooling family who has moved at least 6 times during our homeschooling journey, I can honestly tell you…YES, it is possible!

And you basically have 3 options on how to do it….

1. Continue with your regular schedule. 

2. Cut back to core subjects only.

3. Just stop.

I don’t recommend option #1. That would stress me out beyond measure!!

Options 2 and 3 have been my choices each time we have moved before. The majority of our moves have been in December, sometimes the week of Christmas – the day after as a matter of fact! Those moves we chose not to worry about school at all, we typically take the entire month of December off anyway so it worked out pretty well then.

Option #2 is our choice this time. We will only be focusing on what we consider our core subjects: Devotionals, Math, & Reading. We are using Keys for Kids as our devotional time, XtraMath, MathSeeds, Reading Eggs, & we will finish reading our chapter book read aloud, The Family Under the Bridge. Since most of these subjects are online resources, I don’t have to worry too much about any necessary supplies being packed on accident. And these subjects also do not require a lot of planning so I can focus more time on cleaning & packing during this week leading up to our actual moving day.

I can throw in a little more read aloud time with audio books in the truck on our drive to our new home. I have my Audible library filled with a few of our chapter books for this year, as well as a couple shorter story books related to some of our unit study topics for this year. It’s a 4.5 hours drive, so we can potentially get another chapter book checked off our reading list.

Then we will take a few days off once we arrive at my parent’s cabin to get settled in.

Have you gone through homeschooling & moving? I would love to hear about any tips you might have to share!

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  1. Amy

    I have moved twice since my kids have been in school and both times we pretty much did #3. I mean they still read books and sometimes played online games, but there was no scheduled activities I required them to do. There is just too much to do for a move, and I would have been crazy if I had tried to homeschool on our regular schedule during that!

  2. Carlen

    Thanks for sharing this. I have never personally moved and homeschooled at the same time, I think I’d be a basketcase because that’s just my personality, so I’m happy to read this! Can’t wait to read more of your posts on this series!

  3. Kim

    Moving and homeschooling is tough! We’ve done it in the summer and that worked well. I can’t imagine doing the regular schedule!!!

  4. Rebecca Reid

    I definitely think #2 and #3 are the only ones that would work! Yikes! Seems like it would be so hard to homeschool doing a move.

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